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Navillus Software

Navillus was developed by OSENG Engineers to streamline the walkdown/handover process of Mechanical and Electrical Systems.

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Existing methods of walking down hard copy of drawings individually recording the snag on paper then returned to office for Document controller to transcribe to master snag list. The closure of each snag required signature and reissued to document controller to update the master list, these then had to field verified by CMT/Client if they accepted resolution offered by client/ By the time snags were issued post walk and update issue post closure a week was lost and there was no accurate update to where you are in a project close out.

Navillus software was developed to speed up this process and relay a minute-by-minute accurate update to project. With our software as soon as a walkdown is complete, email summary is issued to all relevant parties giving the high-level summary of snags recorded. Quantity and Category, this results in the master punch list being automatically updated. Contractors can then close out via downloadable app via photo, the software recognises the user by their initials and immediately updates the master list. The CMT lead or Client can verify via before and after photo and accept or reject that issue is resolved. This can be done from their desk without the need to field verify.

This will reduce the need for additional resources, gives a more accurate reporting and a more efficient use of current resource pool from contractors, CMT and Client teams. This in turn ensures a faster handover process.


• Limited resources

• Reporting inaccurate

• Not environmentally friendly – Too much paperwork required on walks

• Late issuing of walkdown snags

• Slow Handover Process


  • No Paper required
  • Live & up to date reporting
  • Each user is unique and recognised by Initials
  • P&ID are marked as per GDP requirements
  • Quicker punch closure
  • Live Dashboards
  • All data exportable for inclusion in System Turnover packs
  • No Document controller required
  • Installation Verification option for all equipment, instruments, and devices
    • Permanent As per GDP requirements all documents are
    • Legible
    • Accurate
    • Prompt
    • Clear
    • Consistent
    • Complete
    • Direct
    • Truthful
  • Easy Project Set Up

  • Unlimited Storage

  • Secure Storage of Files

  • Each User can only be logged in on a single device at any stage

  • Photo required for each punch closure

  • Each walk must be complete, and all Cat A snags closed before follow on stage/walk commencing